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Your Mobile Massage Therapist

Unwind from an intense cardio workout by turning to Healing Hands. When you turn to me, you can receive everything from a deep tissue massage to aromatherapy. Soon to be added, will include acupuncture and herbs. Hire me as your massage therapist today. I'm happy to travel to you. I'll even bring the necessary equipment to ensure you get the ultimate experience.


Custom Massage Services

Let me help you relax after running errands all day. As a trained Tuina, Shiatsu, and general Western massage therapist, I can design a session for you that will help alleviate pain.

Deep Tissue Massage
Foot Reflexology

Catering to Your Needs

To make sure you have a comfortable massage experience, I'll meet with you to find out what you want to have done. I'll also complete a health assessment. Once this is done, I'll find out how long you want your session to be. I charge $100 per hour.

Typically, most people won't respond to a short therapy session. This is why I recommend having one-hour massages. It may take 10 to 15 minutes for your body to relax and then more time to start responding to the treatment.

After your session is planned, I'll have a release form for you to sign. This form states that the issues we talked about were also discussed with a doctor.

Important Notice

While my massage therapy services can have a positive effect on your health, I am not promising they will fix any medical issues. I cannot cure cancer, diabetes, asthma, or other conditions. If there is a problem that a health care professional hasn't signed off on, I will need that in writing before arranging a session with you.